• Carpet Cleaning

    Keeping your carpets clean is just as important as maintaining your hard surface flooring. Over time, carpets will retain dust and dirt buildup causing it to look dirty even if you’ve just vacuumed. Regular carpet spotting helps maintain and prevents dirt, gum and coffee stains from setting in. Evening cleaning your carpets once year can Continue Reading

  • Strip & Wax

    Strip and wax means removing the existing layers of wax on the floor and laying new wax. Most offices will have some sort of non-carpet area that will require this service. All flooring comes with someĀ form of a finish or protective coating on it. Maintaining it is important as over time wear and tear will Continue Reading

  • Burnishing

    Burnishing is often times overlooked in the overall picture of floor maintenance. It involves the use of a burnishing machine which basically uses high speed to further harden the wax on your flooring. By hardening the wax it reduces the dirt and grime build up enabling the floor to maintain the shine and prolonging the Continue Reading