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Commercial Office Cleaning


Keeping your office clean and sanitized is one of the most worthwile investments you can make for your business. Many employees take as many as 9 sick days per calendar year which can cost the economy billions of dollars. Maintaining a healthy and clean office environment for your staff shows you care for their well being and at the end of the day it becomes more profitable for you as a business owner and for them as well: healthy employees = healthy businesses! A regular visit from our staff will help to eliminate the germs lurking around your office. Believe it or not an office desk can have more germs on it than a bathroom! As part of a cleaning regimen we always advise our clients that disinfecting surfaces that are commonly touched be part of their portfolio.

We have experience in cleaning office spaces from 400sq ft to 30 000 sq ft, 100 000sq ft warehouses, manufacturering plants, art galleries and medical and dental offices. Because every business is different we custom design a maintenance schedule to suit your specific needs. Our staff are thoroughly trained, professional and work with our cores values in mind at all times.