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JES is founded by Jasmine, Edmund and Steven. Three friends that grew up in Vancouver, BC and dreaming of owning their own business. Each of us were challenged to find a cleaner for our day jobs. We went through many different cleaning companies and nobody lived up to our expectation. As the saying goes, “If you want the job done right do it yourself”. In January 2012 we decided to start our own cleaning business. We have built our business model on the foundation of three core values, Integrity, Professional, and Accountability.

Integrity – We offer fair pricing and believe that, “honesty is the best policy”. Our teams are fully bonded and go through a rigorous hiring process to ensure that we have the best possible people out there working hard for you.

Professional – By providing our teams with the proper training and organization they are enabled to do the job right every time. Our teams are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and insurance.

Accountable – We stand behind our work and guarantee satisfaction from the moment we walk into your establishment. If you feel that it is not done to standard, we will come and redo it again immediately.

Building our business with our core values in mind has led us to great success. We have become to known for our quality of work and ethics. Having our own families we understand the importance for business owners to be able to go home at night and not worry about walking into a messy office the next morning. Cleanliness is something that cannot be hidden – it always finds a way to creep out. We understand that and know what it’s like to be unsatisfed. We do not believe in taking short cuts, we believe in doing the job right!


Why Choose Us?


JES Building Services is a provider of commercial office cleaning services in metro Vancouver. We strive to use only the most skilled janitors, cleaning techniques, and technologies. When you hire our company to service your office cleaning needs, you can be sure that you will receive only the best, most professional attention.

Every business owner and manager knows that having the right office cleaning service is essential for the well-being of their company. A clean, fresh appearance is more inviting for customers, which helps a business retain and increase its load of clients. Buildings that are cleaned by a qualified cleaning service demonstrates to it’s clients a concern for detail, making these companies more attractive to prospective clients.

Whether you own or run a large business or small business in Vancouver, the right commercial cleaning business can help maintain your office and take your company to the next level. JES Building Services, is a top provider in the city of commercial cleaning. Metro Vancouver companies can hire us with the confidence that we will be able to meet your cleaning needs; professionally, affordably, and efficiently.

We offer a full range of building cleaning services like Strip & Wax, Floor Scrubbing, Carpet Cleaning, Construction cleaning, and Move-in cleaning. We work hard to make sure that our clients are always satisfied with our work.

Mission: “To provide our clients with quality, cost-effective cleaning and building services thru fully trained and equipped professionals “

Vision: “We help the businesses of Metro Vancouver run more efficiently by providing a cleaner and healthier atmosphere”