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Floor Maintence


Strip and wax means removing the existing layers of wax on the floor and laying new wax. Most offices will have some sort of non-carpet area that will require this service. All flooring comes with some form of a finish or protective coating on it. Maintaining it is important as over time wear and tear will dull the shine and there will be a constant dirty look to it even if it is mopped everyday. Stripping and waxing are techniques that will restore the shine of the floors and make them look great. We excel in stripping and waxing VCT flooring. Our procedures are reliable and efficient. We take great pride in our floors and do not rush the process or do it half-heartedly. Our floor team takes their time in completing each step to ensure that the job is done to the satifaction of our customers and to the standards which we have become to be known for. Contact us today and one of our floor specialists will come and create a specially designed floor care plan for you!

Wet Stripping

Stripping the floor means removing all layers of wax on the floor to bring it back to its raw natural state. A stripping chemical must be used in this process to remove the wax cleanly. It is not recommended that you merely strip the floor and leave it without wax. Being in its natural raw state means that it is unprotected from dirt and all other things. The pores are course making the texture of the floor grimy. Dirt will quickly fill the pores and will be difficult to remove.

Scrubbing a floor to removes the top 2-3 layers of wax on the floor. When scrubbing a neutral floor cleaner and conditioner is used. A regular floor care plan should include a scrub because the wax in the floor would be continuously cared for meaning there would be less dirt build up and less of a need to do a complete strip.

Dry Stripping

Dry stripping will remove 4-5 layers of wax. In order to dry strip we use an orbital machine which is similar to a sander. An orbital machine is new to the industry and not many people have invested the time and money needed to perfect this technique. Dry stripping is an alternative to wet stripping due to the lack of chemicals being used and can bring the floor to within 2 wax layers of the natural raw state. Unlike wet stripping, dry stripping cannot bring the floor to its raw natural state as the flooring can be damaged in the process.

Laying Wax

Laying the wax or floor finish is the longest part of any floor job. Each coat requires a minimum 30 minutes and depending on whether your stripped or scrubbed the floor there can 2 to 6 coats laid. We use an eco-friendly product which reduces fumes and heavy smells.


Using high speed burnisher.   Helps restore the shine.